Canada's Travelling Theme Park

It starts with experience. Owner Fred Robertson has been in midways for a lifetime. He has surrounded himself
with veterans of the business.

One week before setup date, Fred and staff come to the fair or exhibition site to professionally lay out the
midway. They first set the extra-wide pedestrian walkways and then plan the ride and game locations around

Equipment is placed on the site according to the layout plan. Some crews then wash the midway components and
perform priority safety checks, while others add the finishing touches which help turn a Robertson installation
into an exciting theme park.


Everything from shade umbrellas, trees, gardens and benches, to welcome and thank you signs make Robertson
midway guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Robertson employees who are trained in customer relations and problem solving can't be missed in their bright
uniforms and wide smiles. There's little that bothers Fred more than a grumpy, unhelpful midway worker.

There's no sales pressure ... the pressure is about making the experience of all midway guests a memorable one.

The company prides itself in providing a highly visible guest relations trailer where free balloons are available
for the kids. The rides are newer and each is clearly marked with a minimum height cartoon. They're kept spic
and span, and all games are family oriented.

The accent is on "clean". A touring Robertson show comes complete with its own garbage truck.

Says Fred: "There are only two possible outcomes I want for our guests: I want them to walk away happy or,
preferably, extremely happy."