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Family History Since 1932
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All the while, Jack was teaching his son, John William Robertson, all about the amusement  business and in the
1960's John (2nd generation Robertson) formed his own travelling company,  Albion Amusements, which is still
in operation throughout Ontario today. As Jack approached 65 years of age, he knew it was time to sell. He
found his buyer - right in his family.

My name is Fred Wayne Robertson (3rd Generation) founder of the family name, "Robertson Amusements Ltd
From  1932". I am a very proud grandson of Jack Robertson and son of John William Robertson, through
whose combined wisdom and thoughts, I have learned of the Amusement Business.
As we venture forward, I am proud once again that the fourth generation of
Robertson, my son, Jackson Francis Robertson, the great grandson of Jack
Robertson, is learning the heritage and the day-to-day operations of Robertson
Amusements Ltd; starting just like his great grandfather did when he jumped that
box car train.
We've come from rail cars and hard core steel rides with ten men to set up each
The founding of Robertson Amusements dates back to 1932.
At the age of 13, John (Jack) Couper Robertson, had a dream of travelling.
Living in Edmonton at the time, Jack loved to watch  the trains go by. One day,
he jumped on a west bound box train and soon found himself in  Vancouver.

Once there, and in need of work, Jack hitched up with an old travelling carnival
show. With his  love for people and his joy of traveling to the different towns,
Jack learned as much as he could  though the times were hard and the money
poor. Eventually Jack married and had three children.  On the advice of friends,
he packed his family up and in a pickup truck pulling a house trailer,  headed
east to Toronto, where he had heard good opportunities waited.

As time moved on, Robertson Outdoor Amusements, now based in Mount
Albert, was building  steam as they traveled across Ontario from the Ottawa
Valley, to the Muskokas, working Toronto  and the surrounding communities
and down into Niagara Falls. Jack was also becoming well  respected in the