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Our highest priority of operation is the safety of the public! From the time you first step on to the  traveling
theme park area, to when you leave, your safety is our priority. We have carried a clean  record since 1932.

I, Fred Robertson, happen to be born as a third generation in the Amusement Business. I started  to learn the
safety aspects from my grandfather, Jack, and from my fathers' show (carnival) from  the young age of 13.
When you run a portable theme park show that goes up and down weekly,  OUR EXPERIENCE makes
YOUR SAFETY the #1 priority of Robertson Amusements Ltd.  This is why we carry a clean record and
maintain it. It is one of the lessons I have been taught by  my family legacy many times over.

I personally lay out the midway rides each week. Then, being on site at all times for the whole  duration each
week, and meeting with many of the experienced employees daily, is the secret. I  have always felt that if you
can be personally on site at all times, safety will be looked after.

Also, by staying on site the whole time, it's like a big family show in the background (not an office  show). I
am always available to talk to customers for any questions related to safety and to assure  all visitors that
maintaining our perfect safety track record since 1932, is our highest priority!

We carry a daily check sheet made up of questions for each ride. Our experienced ride operators  (that have
been with our family show for 10-15 years) complete the check sheet and sign-off on  the bottom of the sheet
for each day of operation. This daily check sheet will then be handed in to
a ride foreman, who will also go to each ride and do their checks and sign-off on the bottom too.  Finally,
there are two main superintendents of the show, that overlook the day-to-day operation,  and they will do the
final check for each day of the operation, prior to opening in the morning.

T.S.S.A. (Technical Safety Standards Association) does our inspection year-to-year and we have  never had
any problems.
We have a clean record with no incidents. The Robertson family show is  proud of our safety
program operations. T.S.S.A. has provided us with safety brochures to hand  out at our guest relations
centre. So, if you come visit our family show, do not forget to pick up a  brochure on the family safety of
riding rides.