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Welcome to Robertson Amusements
Family owned and operated (portable) theme park; rides and games, sit-downs and shaded rest areas always

The Orangeville, Ontario Canada based Robertson Amusements Ltd., Canada's Traveling Theme Park, is
operated by Fred and Nancy Robertson and fourth generation Jackson Robertson Jr.

Robertson Amusements is a "
Single Unit" midway that operates only under the names "Robertson
Amusements Ltd" and "Canada's Traveling Theme Park".  The Company is not affiliated with any other
amusement company operating in the Province of Ontario.
Annually refurbished equipment, ready to operate for up to 20 weeks per year, finishing the fair route
at Erin Fall Fair on Thanksgiving weekend.
A staff of approximately 30 full time employees, wearing bright coloured uniforms and name tags. All
supervisors and the information booth personnel (including a lost and found) are in full radio contact.
Our Traveling Theme Park has a non-drinking policy for all employees. Employees are located in
trailers on site.
450 kilowatts of portable quiet power to operate 20 family owned rides, which perform at 25 to 30
locations per year. The 95% trailer mounted equipment features 25,000 lights.
Sophisticated, computerized, trailer mounted equipment, requiring only one or two operators for setup.
"You can always depend on Robertson Amusements (Orangeville, Ontario)
to provide your Fair or Festival with the Finest Quality Amusement Rides!"