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Robertson Amusements Rides
Look for these
and many other safe, high quality rides in
Canada's Traveling Theme Park
at our Fairs and Festivals this summer!
Be sure to try our gravity defying STARSHIP 3000 (below)
and our AVALANCHE (lower left)
Ali Baba is a classic family amusement ride that takes its
passengers on a magic carpet ride that will thrill riders of
all ages.

Our Ali Baba came out of the factory in the spring of 2011.
Ali Baba comes from the family of rides that includes 1001
Nachts and the Typhoon, all proven crowd pleasers.
Ali Baba
Never tried a ride like this?
Check out this Youtube video!
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We also had a brand new acquisition for
the younger set in 2011. They just love to
take a spin on our "Teacup" ride.
The Remix II (Remix 2) is the latest version of one of the wildest
rides available today.  You'll love Remix II - it feels like you're
tumbling in orbit!
Some of our rides, like our huge Century Wheel and Merry-go Round,
are perennial favourites that we will keep forever,
but we also have many new and nearly new rides.